Where to buy game console in HCM City? And Nintendo Switch Vietnam Price?

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Hi, I am going to Vietnam next month. I want to buy a Nintendo Switch as Christmas presents. Where I would be able to buy a Nintendo switch, game card, accessories in Ho Chi Minh City? And how much it cost in dng?
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Thanks for your recommendation. Last month, I visited Saigon with family but my little brother insist on having a lastest switch game to play (ya know kids werent really interested in scenery bla...bla...). I bought games from nShop. The staffs were friendly and asked me about my brother (his age, favorite kind of game, how many players to play...) so that I could choose one suitable for him. Love this shop from staffs to the display of a store
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If you want to buy Nintendo Switch in HCM city, you can visit there video game store:
- nShop: 66 Thanh Thai street, ward 12, district, 10 HCM
- Game n Shop: Kiot X01.114 Sunrise City North Towner 27 Nguyen Huu Thi street, ward Tan Hung, District 7, HCM

Or you can enter this website: https://www.nshop.com.vn/collections/may-nintendo-switch for the Nintendo Switch Vietnam Price update list
Yeah I used to buy many console frome this store since 7 years ago. I recommend this store, they have friendly and helpful staffs.

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