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Oyez Oyez good people!
Who has never dream of a pictochat that instead of using the Nifi rather use the WFC, huh? Yes you at the bottom.
This is your dream become a reality thanks Woctochat!
It allows you to create a server on your PC and then log in with your DS over to talk with your friends who also connected on the same server.


Saturday, November 24, 2007: Released version 0.1 Alpha

Sunday, November 25, 2007: Released version 0.2 Alpha
-- Addition choice of colours police
-- Server responds
What remains to be done:
-- Customer name that appears beside her message
-- Bug in the message
-- Several clients on a single server

Saturday, March 29, 2008: Released version 0.3 Beta
-- Customer name that appears beside her message
-- Bug in the message addressed
-- Several clients on a single server
Choice of color-police

How to play:

Client Installation:

Putting "*. nds", "*. sc.nds" or "*. ds.gba" on your linker with
"Woctochat.cfg." Remember the patch DLDI for Roma.
Change "woctochat.cfg" depending on the server to be connected.

Using Client:

Run the Roma, and then to connect to the server:
-- Enter the IP with the keyboard and press "Send"
(The port number to be 80)
-- Press the "Start" and the client will connect through
For what you put in the "woctochat.cfg."
Once connected, to send a message, write it with the
Keyboard and click "Send" to send it.

Installation Server:

Amend "woctochat.cfg" which is the "Woctochat.exe"
Depending on your needs.

Using Server:

Run "Woctochat.exe" and let the running.

Thông tin khác:

đường link Down load:
user và pass: canhchimtudo (khuyến khích mọi người đăng ký nick riêng)
nguồn: http://www.tehskeen.com

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